Halco Rock Tools, UK Manufacturer of DTH Hammers and Bits. Halco pioneered the development and distribution of DTH hammers in the 1950s.
Halco Killick Partnership - India 1969
As the drought in North Eastern regions of India during the summer of 1967 climaxed, UNCEF & the World Health Organisation (WHO) turned to Halco Rock Tools to hastily airlift nine of its high powered drilling rigs from England to India. Within two months they had pounded swiftly through soil and rock, to bring water to 222 villages across Bihar and Uttar Pradesh provinces, whose thirsty inhabitants had been facing imminent evacuation to relief camps. 
The success of these initial drilling operations, led UNICEF & WHO to commit long term support to the Indian Government in rolling out a major deep water well drilling program. With approximately 250 rigs delivered during the initial four year program; the plan was to deliver a reliable source of clean fresh drinkable water to more than 12,000 villages. 

Tiger Drill Rigs
The Halco ‘Tiger’ mobile drilling rig – equipped with its revolutionary hydraulic mast lift – was designed to speed up any drilling operation. Needing only one man to operate and transport from site to site, it radically changed the face of drilling across the country. Even with its modest top speed of 20 mph the ‘Tiger’ drilling rigs allowed wells to be dug in a matter of days, sometimes hours instead of weeks. Its cutting edge design minimised drilling setup times to under 10 minutes and combined with is market leading performance allowed it to penetrate the hardest rock formations at the highest of speeds. 

The Halco ‘Tiger’ robust, mobile, self-contained drilling unit truly changed the face of water supply across the Indian Sub-Continent.
Halco designs and manufactures to exacting standards, Halco DTH hammers deliver outstanding performance, productivity and longevity.
Customers also enjoy the versatility and variety, allowing the use of Halco DTH hammers on a wide range of rock-drilling applications. Our drill bits have superb performance and long life which make Halco DTH drill bits a world leader.