Halco Rock Tools, UK Manufacturer of DTH Hammers and Bits. Halco pioneered the development and distribution of DTH hammers in the 1950s.

Maintenance Sheets

Maintenance Sheets are available for our standard range of hammers.  Please download and print them when necessary. 

1 - 3" Hammers

4" Hammers

5" Hammers

6" Hammers

7 - 8" Hammers

10" Hammers

12" Hammers

Halco designs and manufactures to exacting standards, Halco DTH hammers deliver outstanding performance, productivity and longevity.
Customers also enjoy the versatility and variety, allowing the use of Halco DTH hammers on a wide range of rock-drilling applications. Our drill bits have superb performance and long life which make Halco DTH drill bits a world leader.