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Underground Mine Collapse Update
Last Monday we received news that an underground coal mine in Katowice was hit by a 4.3 Richter scale earthquake and that one of the roadways' had collapsed.
An immediate project team was pulled together of which Gonar (our Polish partner) was a member. Gonar gave Halco a call to consult DTH drilling equipment and capability to drill down to reach the tunnel.
Project Overview:
Mine Name: Wujek-Śląsk
Location: Katowice, Poland
Property: Underground Coal Mine
Collapsed Roadway Tunnel:
Depth: 1,050 Metres
Tunnel Diameter: 5m X 5m
Operation Overview:
Underground- 1 X wall shearer is currently shearing through the fallen rock in the tunnel. They are clearing about 25 Metres a day, however there still is over 180 Metres until they reach the target zone.
On Surface- Halco was involved with sourcing a local drilling contractor to hit the target zone, and recommending a suitable drilling program. Working with the Geologists we were able to put forward the best tooling option for the project. The top 300 Metres of rock are unconsolidated, soft formations such as Shale, Sands, Clays etc… Therefore drilling with a conventional rotary bit is the best practice.
From 382 Metres down there are some more abrasive bands of rock such as Sandstones that are suitable for DTH Hammers and Bits. To guarantee the contractor hits the small target zone the final 100 M will be drilled with a directional Mud Rotary drill system.
Hole Size: 300 mm
DTH Hammer: DOM880DW   8"
Stabiliser Size: 7 3/4"
Days to drill: 21
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