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18” Superior 1800

The Superior 1800 has been designed for high performance drilling in medium to hard rock conditions. Design features include a jetted back head and a variable air bleed piston to enable greater up hole velocity.

The Superior 1800 has a drive pin arrangement to prevent metal to metal contact, thereby minimising spline wear and damage,
which can result in a drill bit shank failure.

At a Glance
Air pressure
Air flow
457mm - 660mm
11 - 26"
NUMA 180
100 - 435 psi
(7 - 30 bar)
1100 - 3700 cfm
31149 - 104772 l/min
Hammer Overview
Hammer Model Superior 1800
Part Number 600191
Shank NUMA 180
Thread Connection 8 5/8" API Reg Pin Up
Hammer Flat SizeC Ring Type
Weight 1600 Kg
Outside Diameter 410mm (16.14")
Length (shoulder to shoulder) 1930mm (75.98")
Minimum Weight On Bit1600 Kg (3520 lbs)
Maximum Weight On Bit3500 Kg (7700 lbs)

Air Consumption

Parts List Maintenance Kits
Type Superior 1800 Service Kit Repair Kit
Shank NUMA 180
Item Description Part No. SK RK
1Top Adaptor 8-5/8” Pin605060NoNo
2Top Adaptor ‘O’ Ring768224YesYes
3Check Valve605047NoYes
4Check Valve Spring760164YesYes
5Valve Chest605048NoNo
6Compression Buffer605049NoYes
7Buffer Cover605050NoNo
8Tube Holder605051NoNo
9Tube Buffers (2)605052NoYes
10Tube ‘O’ Ring768225YesYes
11Control Tube605053NoNo
14Bit Retaining Ring605056NoYes
16Chuck Bearing605058YesYes
17Breakout Washer605059YesYes