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5” Dominator 500 – HAL5

The Dominator 500 is suitable for drilling at a wide range of air pressures making it a class leader in performance.

The Dominator 500 is ideal for General purpose and Drill & Blast applications. The Dominator 500 has a one-piece top adaptor with N.R.V fitted to eliminate shimming and it has no liner which increases the piston blow energy.

The Dominator 500 uses a few tools for maintenance, making it easy to maintain and service.

At a Glance
Air pressure
Air flow
127mm - 165mm
5 - 6 1/2
Halco 5
100 - 507 psi
7 - 35 bar
180 - 1180 cfm
5097 - 33414 l/min
Hammer Overview
Hammer Model Dominator 500
Part Number 600120
Shank Halco 5
Thread Connection API Reg Pin Up 3 1/2"
Minimum Bit Diameter127mm
Hammer Flat Size90mm (3.54")
Weight 58.0 Kg (83.8 lbs)
Outside Diameter 118mm (4.65")
Length (shoulder to shoulder) 980mm (38.6")
Minimum Weight On Bit400 Kg (900 lbs)
Maximum Weight On Bit900 Kg (1980 lbs)

Air Consumption

Parts List Maintenance Kits
Type Dominator 500 Service Kit Repair Kit
Shank Halco 5
Item Description Part No. SK16 RK25
1Thread Protector201701NoNo
2Snap Ring783028YesYes
3N.R.V Finger602703NoYes
5Non Return Valve602330NoYes
6N.R.V Spring760084YesYes
7Top Adaptor602704NoNo
13Snap Ring783025YesYes
13Bit Retaining Ring602430NoYes
14Chuck Spacer602433YesYes
Foot Valve601843NoYes